Friday, July 12, 2013

The Triple Headed Snake

The Triple Headed Snake is one of the rarest Snakes in the world, and its the most deadliest. Its scientific name is the Three Layered Serpentes.

The body can be 3 metres long and 20 cm thick. It has the most crackly skin than all of the other snakes in the world. Its skin is really tough and raw and has white pale skin with dark brown stripes curling around the whole body. The Males have black stripes but not like the Females who have dark brown stripes. The Snakelets (Babies) don’t have stripes until they become an adult.


The Snake is a omnivore which means it can eat meat and it can eat plants but it will mainly find 3 rats and feeds itself. And it can have up to 20 rats a day and about 200 a month.

It slides through Bushes and on trees to make it look very camouflage and the slivers on the ground and grabs its food.

The Triple Headed Snake is only found in Africa, and lives at the top of caves and hangs when its prey enters. Sometimes the Snake is found in the wild sliding up and around trees.

When it prey enters it grabs it with its body and wraps the body around the creature and squeezes it until its dead. The Triple Headed Snake Suffers its prey and then eats it.

Remember this creature is very dangerous and it can kill a lot of other things. The main thing is that creature will even kill humans,


  1. This is so cool.
    Cool that it lives by a cave in africa.

  2. Wow that is really weird but cool :)

  3. Awesome Pazza

    I like how explained the difference between males and females,
    you know how each snake has 3 heads can one head be female and the others males?
    And I really like how you said that this creature can kill humans, it makes it sound really scary.
    Keep up the GREAT WORK!!!

    Courtney :)

    1. Thanks Courtz for your amazing comment.
      And no all 3 heads are the same for example: if one head is a female that means all heads are females is that the answer to your question. Bye the way it is a great question.
      Once again thanks for the amazing comment.

      Parris : )

  4. Amazing describing Parris. And that picture of that 3 headed snake startled me!!!!!!!!! =)

  5. Wow Paris that's really cool I love the way you described the difference between the male's and female's