Friday, April 5, 2013

ABC Of Things About Me Challenge Tree

This is our Challenge Tree. The Challenge tree has a lot of different challenges on it. I have chosen to create an ABC of things about me. 

This is the Challenge Tree

Word first  

Sentence second

  1. Aspen - my little sister
  2. Bubbles - I have a beautiful cat named Bubbles
  3. Crossfit - Monday and Wednesday trainings
  4. Determined - I give everything a go and try
  5. Encouraging - I am very encouraging and give great feedback to my friends.
  6. Family - Family is the most important thing to me.
  7. Gold - My Favourite Colour
  8. Horse - Horse’s are my favourite animal
  9. Ice Cream - I love cookies and cream
  10. Jordan - my older brother
  11. Kind - I am kind-hearted
  12. Loyal - I will always be there for my friends.
  13. Macaroni & Cheese - my best dinner ever.
  14. Neapolitan Mastiff-This is the breed of our family dog
  15. Otane - My Home Town
  16. Paris - This is where I was conceived
  17. Quality - I love spending time with my family
  18. Respectful - I respect everyone around me
  19. Sporty - I am very sporty and I play a number of sports.
  20. Tall - I am tall for my age
  21. Unforgettable - you will never forget my face
  22. Victoria Justice - She is one of my favourite actors
  23. Wicked - I am a wicked student
  24. Xavier - Xavier is one of my little cousins and I love to look after him

  1. Yogurt - I use a lot of yogurt in a lot of stuff
eg. Strawberry Smoothies

  1. Zoo - I love visiting the zoo and seeing all of the different kind of animals.

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  1. Wow Paris that tells me more about you.