Monday, March 11, 2013

Personal Recount

I woke. My eyes were wide open, then I flung myself up and jumped in the air.

I finish ripping  all of my presents then mum tells me to come outside. She gently put a blindfold on me, it felt awkward because I didn’t even know what she was doing. Mum takes me outside  I slowly tumble down the steps trying not to fall through the cracks. Then...  mum tells me to take the blindfold off, and all I see is a pet cage. But then I lean over and reach out to open the cage and there I see little tiny cat curled up in the corner.

My mouth drops, then it goes silent for 30 seconds. Suddenly I started screaming and running around the place, waaaah ooooooo I got a little kitty cat I was screaming so loud the kitty cat got scared it was moving everywhere trying to hide. Once I settled down I gently stroked my hand over his fur very slowly and calmed him down.

This is the best birthday present ever.


  1. I like how you described how you were feeling. I wish I got a " little kitty cat " for my present!!!

  2. You description is awesome.
    I love the rhyming words and great vocabulary.

  3. great describing words parris
    I like part when you said you gently stroked your hand across the kittens fur
    to calm it down.
    Keep up the great writing parris
    well done