Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Its Not Easy Being A Shoe

Its not easy being a shoe,
my soul getting torn and ripped apart.
Stomping through the mud,
and being in the water is very hard.
My body getting squished on the concrete floor.
the wetness of socks soaking on my face,
the wrinkledness lying on my body,
but the worst thing is the smell,
the rotten feet of humans bodys.
Its Not Easy Being A Shoe


  1. Good job Parris! This is a great poem. Are you going to write a story about this

  2. If I was a shoe I would totally agree!

  3. This is so cool.
    I love the description.
    My favourite part is [torn and ripped apart.]
    How did you come up with these amazing ideas.

  4. Wow Paris
    I love your poem.