Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Mystery Person

Can you guess who I am?

Can you guess who I am? I am a mystery year 6 girl in room 20 from Parkvale School.

My skin is brown like a moist chocolate fish. Brown is the colour of my hair but when the sun shines on it you can see blonde highlights as sparkly as gold. I have dark brown eyes like a soft brown cuddly bear. My hair is very long and as curly as little sea ripples. It weaves down just under my shoulders, and sometimes I will put it up in a bun after having a swim. When I smile you can see big white teeth like a big icy snowball. But! There is one thing that makes me stand out which is my height.

Can you guess who I am?


  1. This is so cool great vocabulary.
    Is it you Parris?

    1. Thanks for your positive comment Jewell.