Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Summer Adventures

Last Sunday it was really hot so me and my cousin decided to make a trailer.

Summer Adventures from Peteras on Vimeo.


  1. Awesome Parris!
    I like the way you did a trailer about summer. I like the start where you were skipping around. Well done!

  2. Cool Parris.
    Your video is awesome !!!
    Well done ,
    From Brody.

  3. well done i think that was a really cool video your photo's express how you are it really good its like balloons in the summer breeze its like that and you did A really really good job its well to say i like how you set it and
    i like how you set the music and it just brightens the video well done :D =D

  4. Cool Pazza!
    What a great idea to do a trailer.
    I love all of it.
    Well done:)

  5. WOW Pazza!
    I love your video its OUTSTANDING!
    I think its a great idea to make a trailer
    with you cousin!
    Keep up the FANTASTIC work Pazza:)

  6. Cool petera!
    Nice summer trailer!

    Sincerely, Teva Tait, The Crazy Kid.

  7. This is amazing I love all the detail
    Paris your an a amazing actress.

  8. Awesome trailer Parris. What is the trailer based on.