Monday, November 26, 2012

The Mysterious Tunnel

This is a photo that Mr.M found and Room 20 created writing about it and this is mine.
 Here is the picture:

I look through the mysterious tunnel, I could see the glistening road from the bright sun shining in my eyes, I could feel the smoothness on my feet like I have stepped in jelly.

Every step I take I can hear rustling branches surrounding me,  I look behind, all I can see is the normal sky but I look forward and I can see this magical place. I look around I can hear birds chirping like musical music playing in my ear, I can see insects crawling like ants are surrounding me,  grass growing so quick like a tiger running and sun sparkling like a bright light shining in my eyes.

I am almost at the end of the tunnel every step I take the closer I get, it feels like I am in a dream dancing on clouds because the  smoothness of the ground is so smooth.

Closer and closer one more step now, I take this huge step WOW! Its a humongous magical island! Candy hills, rainbows it was full of magic but why how is this island just by a road a road! So I refresh my head I go through a road well not any road it was kind of like a magical road, then I get to the end of the road and end up in a magical island. Is this a dream or is it real!


  1. Great work Parris. I really love your writing. Is there going to be another part to the story? It is a great mysterious tunnel. Well done:)

  2. Awesome Parris!
    I like the ending when you said "Is this a dream or is it real" It really made want to read more. Is there going to be a part two? Well done!

  3. Amazing story Parris,
    You use all your senses and describe them really well.It forms a vivid picture in my mind.
    Well done

  4. Awesome Parris.
    Your writing is so descriptive and you use your senses well.
    Good job ,
    From Brody.

  5. Great writing Parris,
    I like the ending were it goes is this a dream or is it real.
    Keep up the good work.

  6. amazing writing
    I love your plaining and how magical you have made it sound (Did you find it a hard prompt to write?)
    I did I also like the name you picked for it your writing kinda reminded me of the movie the spider wick cronicals get it up :)

  7. Wow Parris. I love your writing it is amazing. I like how you have described your writing. Well done. What your favorite part?

  8. Cool, parris!
    Are you gonna make more?
    what will you do on the candy island?
    I would love to eat the island!
    and also very good describing!

    Sincerely, Teva Tait, the crazy kid.

  9. WOW Pazza!
    This is an Outstanding post!
    I didn't want the story to end! I love how you put the photo of the mysterious tunnel!
    Keep up the FANTASTIC work Pazza:)

  10. Great work parris