Sunday, September 2, 2012

Production Diary Part 1

This is my diary for the team 5 and 6 production Parkvale Live.


Dear Diary
Hi I am Parris and I am sport 3 for the senior production Parkvale Live.

Today is the day we had to memorise our line off by heart.
We only had about 10 days to memorise our lines.

Last night I was practising until 9:30pm.

I was very nervous I know we were just practising but I don’t want to get my line wrong. And you know what they say practise makes perfect.


Dear Diary
I have just finished practising for the production. When it was my line I was shaking.
But luckily I relaxed and I said my words.

When I had finished my lines I was relieved that I had finished all off my lines and I had it all over and done with.


Dear Diary
Today is the day all of the team 5 and 6 came to the hall and we went through all of the lines for the whole day.

While I was sitting down watching all of the other people say their lines, I could tell they were nervous because they were clicking their fingers and I could see the were getting very sweaty.

It is my turn I walk up on stage and relax and breath I say my line. “ Yay “ finally my line is done I watched all of the other kids they looked nervous as well just like me.


Dear Diary
Practise day today we put some of our props in the hall and we practised with our props.
I think it was very cool, but you know what I was nervous again. But when I done my bit I was relieved because I didn't get my lines wrong. I think I am getting better and now I am more confident.


Make sure you check out Part 2.

This is me about to  talk
I am very nervous


  1. Awesome Parris!
    I like how you added in those photos, you look fine and your voice is very clear. Your diary is really good, I like the part when you say practice makes perfect! Well done!

  2. I agree with all Tash said, Parris.

    Your post looks awesome and you are improving every time you go stage. In the kapa haka I have seen you take on a leadership role with style and mana.

  3. I like the photos you added they look really cool and your post is sooo cool. Keep up the great work.

    From Casey:)

  4. Cool photos Parris!. It looks like you had allot of fun on stage. Keep up the cool work.

  5. Cool parris I like the writing you put up you had interesting words.

  6. Parris you must be very nervous because there looks like a very big crowed there i hope you were very good