Friday, September 21, 2012

Favourite Moment From Optimist Yatching

On the 10th of September to the 14th of September team 5 went to Pandora Pond for Optimist Yatching.
But on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we couldn't because of the wind and rain.
 Luckily we were able to go on Thursday and Friday.
Here is  description from Optimist Yatching.

I am about to jump into a kayak, but the water looks freezing. I decide to be brave and jumped in the kayak, as I just started to kayak I saw Kane and Charlotte capsize. “ I hope I don’t capsize “ I say to myself. We went under the bridge and when we got through the bridge I saw thousands of boats. We went around them and we tried not to hit them. When we were heading back to shore Rhys capsized so some of us stayed and helped Rhys get back on the kayak.  While we were helping him the wind kept on pulling us into shore. We finally got Rhys back into his kayak and we headed back and catched up with the others. But while we heading back to shore we went under the bridge and I could see everyone was stuck because they were getting pulled into the rocks. I decided to help them all get free. I helped everyone and we all got back to shore.


Here are some photos.
Brody, Floss, me.
And Rhys in the background
Brody And Floss.

This is Daniel He is going really fast

Here is a quick video from Optimist Yatching


  1. Well done, Parris!

    You really capture those exciting moments of our kayaking adventure that day. I like how you used the photos too.

  2. Wow Parris. This is a cool blog post that you did. I really like how you writ the names of the people on the photos.
    Well done.

  3. Awesome Parris.
    You really summed up our kayaking well.
    And didn't you just crack up when Kane and Charlotte capsized.
    Good Job ,
    From Brody.

  4. Well done Parris
    Those are amazing photos aren't they
    What was your faviourite day mine was
    Friday because of the wind it helped
    but it also made it difficult.
    Well done

  5. Awesome Parris!
    You were really good at kayaking and you were really kind helping others get back to shore. I like your video and pictures, it looks like you were having lots of fun out there. Well done!

  6. Greta work Parris. I really like your favourite moment. It sounds very exciting. I like the video that you made it has great use of ICT skills and pictures too. What was your favourite part of optimist yachting and kayaking?

  7. Great post Parris
    It was fun and it was cold when I capsized it took a few minutes to get the kayak back because when we were trying to get it back it was floating away all of the time.
    What was your favorite part of going there mine was in the yachting when I was controlling the til

  8. AWESOME Parris!

    This is a FANTASTIC blog post! It was really funny when Me and Kane Capsized our Kayak! I love how you put Photos of us Kayaking! Thats a FANTASTIC Idea!
    Keep up the OUTSTANDING work Parris:)

  9. That was a pretty cool story Parris. Funny photos too. I like how you
    named everyone in the photos. The video was cool and funny.