Saturday, August 25, 2012

Inferring For The Race

This my inferring for the race.

Try and make a tagxedo your self.
It is easy.

The Race!!!

My inferring Clues in the textWhat I know P.K
There is a TsunamiPage 11:
I’m weakening. Beneath my pounding heart, beneath my gasping breath, I am weak.
When I am running away from a tsunami I am weak because I am panicking too much.
They are trying to find higher groundPage 11:
I can’t do it. I have to stop. Climb Ellie Climb Said Dad.
I found in another book that whenever there is a tsunami try and find higher ground.
They are running for their life Page 11:
“Run,” dad yells “run run run”
Whenever I am running for my life my dad would tell me to run.
Island will be ruinedPage 12:
All gone. All completely gone, smashed up and torn away by the sea.
I read a book, and there was a tsunami in an Island called Papua New Guinea and their homes were wrecked
There are other runners with herPage 11:
There are other runners around me.
If there was a tsunami other people would be running with me.
Ellie is scaredPage 11:
I can’t do it. I have to stop. Climb Ellie Climb Said Dad.
I am mainly scared when a tsunami comes.
Dad is trying to make her go faster.Dad is almost screaming at me.Whenever my dad is trying to make me go faster he screams at me.

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  1. Awesome inferring, Parris.

    I love this story, it is so exciting. What did you think of it?

    I also like how you created a Tagxedo. It summarises the story well.