Sunday, July 22, 2012

Probability Maths Reflection

Reflection for my Maths Probability

· Something I was pleased with was predicting the yellow, red and blue cubes to add up to 50 cubes.
…because I predicted there was going to be 15 blue, 10 red and 25 yellow, and the right answers were 15 red, 22 yellow and 13 blue.

· I really enjoyed learning how to make samples and use them to make predictions.

…because it was a fun session and it was good guessing lesson.

· Something I found hard was trying to estimate how many red, blue and yellow blocks were in the money bag.

· Something that made me think was working out if the answer would be odd or even.

…because it was hard to think if the answer would be even or odd.

· Something I want to get better at is to get better at probability.

(What can I do about it? I can work more on probability in class.)


  1. Keep up the excellent work and thinking. I like how you step up to challenges, Parris. You have a knack for probability.

    1. Thanks Mr.m.
      I loved doing this maths session.