Sunday, July 22, 2012

Letter To Lone Robots Family

Here is a link to where I got the idea of writing this letter The Inspriation Shed .

This is Lones letter to his family.

Dear family,

I miss you so much, I feel so lonely. No one cares about me, I have been trying to find you. It started off when I was in the forest where no one lives, just leaves crunching. Only leaves, sunken into the ground. The forest is full of  nothing, and it is so so cold.

I have leaped onto a big machine which was gliding on a metal thing. It is very fast and very noisy. Hoping it would take me to you.

I have been in this huge factory, with Huge machines rattling past me. I don’t belong here I know I belong at home with you, and I hope I find you, I want to find you I am trying to find you..

You are my true family and I am hoping I will find , I can’t miss a second without you. I hope I come back to my home where my whole family is, and be loved more, you are my one and only family and I miss being with you so much.

I will keep on finding you, and if I don’t find you I will still  never give up even if it takes a month or even more.

From Lone.

Here is the letter from the family  

Dear Lone

We have been trying to find you, your family has been searching and searching, we are lucky to get your letter, you have fighted your life for us, we are alone in the forest, the family are hoping that they would find you.

We have been up and down, we have been everywhere, we want to find you it has been a year and we still haven't found you, we want to find you everyone wants to find you, your family has been looking for you we have been on this big thing, I think it is called a bus but who knows, we were at this weird food place the food was really really nice, but now I am at this place with a big grassy thing below me. “Oh I just found a sign it see Kady Pack (Kennedy Park)

We are hoping one day we will find you, We have been on a huge machine too. We are so glad we got your letter, it is so touching, we are dying to see you, we hope we see you.
From Family


  1. Great job Parris, I like the end where he said even if it takes a month or even more. Well done Parris.

    1. Thanks Lachlan.
      I like that part too.

  2. Cool Parris,
    I love your story.

    1. Thanks Amz.
      What was your favourite part?

  3. Awesome story Parris,
    I like how the name of the robot is lone.
    because he is always alone.
    From Brody

    1. Thanks Brody.
      I liked that name so I chose it.

  4. Awesome post Paris,
    I like how you describe the lone robot lost looking for hope you should definitively
    write a second letter as the family.

    1. Thanks Sami.
      Yeah I mite think about doing a second letter as the family.

  5. Great Parris
    I like how you put the recoding of vocaroo. Great story too!

  6. awesome post parris

  7. Awesome Pazza

    I really like the post, I thought it was sad when he said that know one cared about me. I love how you put on the vocaroo.

    1. Thanks Courts.
      Thanks for the positive comment.

  8. Hello Parris,

    This is a beautiful letter anyone might have written when missing their home and family. You have been able to share the feeling of loneliness and have awakened the thought even a robot has feelings.

    In particular, the description in the opening paragraph of your letter is very well written. It set the scene for a place made cold by the loneliness of the robot.

    Your letter made me think of a movie in my DVD collection.

    Produced in 2002 and rated PG, “*Batteries Not Included” told the story of small robots come to Earth to settle for a time in an old building threatened by developers. These little robots were more than just machines, they were a family and had feelings. A relationship develops between the tenants of the old building and the little visitors.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful letter.

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

    1. Thanks for your awesome comment Ross.
      It is a pleasure to have a comment from you, I love writing it is really fun and creative. And I love writing letters, because they are mainly very touching.

      I have been writing another letter but it is going to be from the family, and it will be on my blog. I hope you check out my blog when my other letter is up.