Friday, June 1, 2012

Reuse And Recycle

Reuse and Recycle more plastic in Parkvale School

Dear Room 20, Parkvale School.
We throw a lot of plastic in the rubbish bins, so I think we should reuse and recycle the plastic in room 20 so we can save the school money please reuse and recycle.

Firstly we should reuse and recycle because if you just throw your plastic into the sea it will kill sea animals and it will make them horrified.

Another reason is if we reuse we can make something different and keep on using it over and over again.

Here’s another reason why we should reuse and recycle because we can save money for our school instead of paying the rubbish men to come and get our rubbish, and buying more air con.

We should also recycle and reuse so we can make different things for our school
like plastic bowls so we can put your pencils and pens in.

Last but not least we should recycle and reuse so we don’t have to pick up rubbish that is floating around the school.

When you reuse the plastic we have already used,  we can keep on using it, help us keep the school bright and beautiful.

Thanks  Parris Petera
Room 20 Year 5 Parkvale School
9 Years Old

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  1. You have persuaded the reader well with clear reasons and emotive words, Parris.

    I also like that you created a Fotobabble to record part of your argument.